Yoga. Soma. Psyche.

a new four week workshop on Yoga & Your Mind with Justine Lemos, PhD Starts in November  

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Use Yoga to Change your Mindset

Learn simple yoga techniques to transform and heal your mind & emotions  

Yoga Postures, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra & More all designed to for emotional enlightenment

Apply the Wisdom of Ayurveda  

Learn how the rhythms of the seasons affect your mind and mindset. 

Learn how your particular constitution affects your mind. 

Learn to harness Ayurvedic nutrition, herbs and daily practices to transform mental patterns.  


Join a community of support. Yoga Soma & Psyche is a sacred container. A ritual circle to support your transformation. 

Yoga. Soma. Psyche.

Understand Key Yogic Teachings for Mental & Emotional Resilience  

Mindfulness for Reducing Anxiety & Depression  

Anatomy of the Emotional & Energetic Body: Learn where specific emotions are held in the body & how to release them  

Shadow Work in Yoga & How to Integrate the Unconscious

Basics of Ayurveda: Practical lifestyle considerations for optimal mind-body performance

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Why Yoga & the Mind

Did you know that the ancient yogis intended yoga as a therapy for the mind? Too often we only associate yoga with the body, but actually yoga can radically transform our minds. Yoga can be used as an intervention into many mental patterns that we wish to shift and move.  

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