with Tao Semko & Justine Lemos, PhD 

 A mid-summer alchemical yoga & qi gong retreat awaken sacred energy centers to experience Blissful Living July 26-31, 2020

at Harmony Ridge Retreat Center near Nevada City CA  

Early Registration Closes in Just 6 Hours

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Methods from Dr. Glen Morris' Kundalini Awakening Process to access abundant energy & bliss  

Tantric Alchemical Qi Gong for health, transformation & vitality  

Tantric Yoga Sadhana to experience emotional transformation 

Maithuna/Karmamudra to understand internal and external partner practices  

Mantra Practices for connecting to the Divine  

Ayurvedic Wisdom & Mini-Consults to understand your soul's blue-print and how best to work with your body-mind to create lasting harmony and wellness 

Yoga Nidra to experience deep relaxation 

Healing Light Yoga to experience cellular rejuvenation  

All aimed towards an experience of deep and lasting embodied Bliss  

For whom is this retreat designed?

This retreat was designed for YOU...  

  • For anyone ready for a massive shift in energy, in connection to Spirit, in connection to life!  
  • For anyone looking deepen their practices of yoga & qi gong (or start a new practice) to incorporate Bliss into every day life. (No need for previous experience).  
  • For anyone looking to reprogram & heal on a cellular level in order to incorporate Bliss.  
  • For anyone ready to move into a deeper level of spiritual engagement and compassionate action. 

Why the Bliss retreat?

Spiritual practices offer us the gateway to great bliss, great compassion and great wisdom....  

It is important to take time to nourish and steep ourselves in authentic and ageless wisdom so we can meet the challenges of living in modern times.  

The Bliss Retreat with Tao Semko and Justine Lemos, PhD, offers a deep experience of authentic spiritual teachings. These teachings have the capacity to align us with our highest nature --- Bliss.

Harmony Ridge Lodge & Retreat Center:  

Nestled in the stunning beauty of the Tahoe National Forest in Nevada City, California, Harmony Ridge Lodge, a cozy, rustic-luxury lodge provides a perfect sanctuary for our residential retreat and training. The lodge combines the natural beauty of alpine forest, extensive gardens, hiking trails, cozy practice spaces with fireplaces and distinctively designed and decorated guest suites. Harmony Ridge Lodge is conveniently located 60 miles east of Sacramento and 80 miles west of Reno and 3 hours from San Francisco. ​ Harmony Ridge Lodge features communal spaces and guests suites decorated with a distinctive contemporary mountain design. 

Enjoy swimming in nearby Scott's Flat Lake and the Yuba River.

Your Guides

Tao Semko

Tao Semko is both a scientist and a mystic.  

He provides practical, workable maps to the interconnectedness of embodied human experience – how mind, movement, diet, rest, emotion, desire, sensation, intellect, intuition, expression, processing, incorporation, elimination, integration, relationship, and context-making — all fit together and interact with one another — and how to cultivate these skills, wisely, both individually and in tandem.  

Tao synthesizes modern scientific studies with the practical, experiential knowledge of those who cultivate extraordinary skills on a daily basis, from modern and ancient wisdom traditions, physical culture, sport, the arts, bodywork, medicine, martial arts, and more.  

He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on kundalini phenomena, including complete kundalini awakening and integration and many of the varieties of so-called kundalini syndrome, meditative and transformative processes of consciousness, running the gamut from the mundane and personal to transpersonal, transcendent, and immanent psycho-spiritual and psychosexual experiences, and integration of mind, breath, and body processes.

Justine Lemos, PhD

Justine is passionate about energy renewal and helping people resolve their energy imbalances. She is a featured expert and content provider on the recent Gaia TV series Thrive: Self-Healing with Ayurveda. Justine works with clients to develop their own intuitive pathways to holistic health and emotional balance.  

She studies and practices Clinical Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Spiritual Counseling and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). Justine offers private consults and workshops on Ayurveda and wellness. She has trained as a teacher of Hatha Yoga under Scott Miller of Western Yoga College, Kundalini Yoga at Yoga West and studied Yoga Philosophy under Pandit Sri Kumar in Kerala, India. She is a student and teaher of Kundalini Awakening Process and studies Tantrick practices and philosophy with Tao Semko.  

Justine holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from UC Riverside in addition to a Master’s degree in Dance from Mills College, a Master’s degree in Anthropology from UC Riverside and a B.A. in World Dance from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. Justine lived in India for two years completing research for her doctoral degree. Justine is an exponent of Odissi and Mohiniyattam classical dance having studied under Guru Ranjanaa Devi for 23 years.  

Sample Retreat Schedule: 

7am Morning Yoga for Bliss

9am Delicious Ayurvedic Breakfast

10am Tantric Alchemical Qi-Gong; Chakra Meditations; Mantra Chanting

1pm Delicious Ayurvedic Lunch

3pm Healing Light Yoga; Ayurvedic Consults

7pm Delicious Ayurvedic Dinner

8:30pm Yoga Nidra Practice (Yogic Sleep)


5 nights accommodations in a shared room with your own double/queen bed  

3 local and organic Ayurvedic meals per day, Friday-Sunday. Thursday dinner. Monday breakfast.  

Pricing DOES NOT include: transportation to/from the retreat center.  

Your Investment: $1497 (early registration closing soon)

(Students who have completed KAP 1 or 2 receive a discount of $111)

** A $333 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.  

This training is limited to 15 people.