200 & 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings at One Yoga/ Western Yoga College ENROLLMENT IS OPEN 


Enable you to share your love of yoga with others  

Increase your knowledge of yoga poses  

Treat you to the joy of teaching asana, pranayama and meditation  

Expose you to all forms of yogic philosophy and spirituality  

Unlock your authentic inner voice  

Open your heart and connect you to other open-hearted people  

Teach you practical anatomy for understanding injuries, poses, and mind-body energetics  

Expand your awareness of energy and its yogic expressions  

Develop your teaching style  

Demystify the principles of class and pose sequencing  

Prove that yoga art and yoga music can be expressed by anyone  

The program covers all the essentials and requirements to become a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher


If you love yoga deeply, you are already sharing it on a teacher-level. People around you experience your love and it teaches them yoga. Our Teacher Training will give real depth to that sharing. The love has to be there already, but if it is, we can guide things from there. Everything that yoga is has a place in our programs. It’s a matter of heart. The heart opens us up to real yogic knowledge and then love pours into it naturally.  

So don’t worry about whether you’re ready to be a yoga instructor. If you love yoga, you’re ready to start the process. Again, it may already be happening, and maybe you already know that. it’s also possible that you’re already teaching yoga. Even so–even if you’re already a yoga instructor–the program can work for you too. WYC’s program deepens everyone’s ability to teach because the WYC teachings meet everyone at their level of yogic engagement.


The place where we practice has an energetic influence on us. It affects the way we practice, but our external environment matters much less than our internal yogic space. Everything that’s really important about yoga is invisible. So we want to recognize a sacred internal territory –one we can count on to literally fill us with confidence and faith. After all, that’s what protects us during practice. Plus, we can increase the level of our energetic protection through the chanting of sacred mantras. Literally translated, the word mantra means “mind protection.” And of the five energetic structures of our being, it is our mind that needs the most protection because the way we think can be thrown off so easily –especially when we’re engaging in volatile yogic endeavors like learning how to teach.  

So at the beginning and end of each Teacher Training session we will invoke the power of our inner Teacher by reciting a specific, time-honored mantra. It’s called the Peace Chant. With it, our minds and egos are encouraged to recognize this moment as being both auspicious and precarious. Chanted with sincerity, the mantra steadies our resolve. Chanted with sincerity, the mantra simultaneously binds us to the unshakable faith we have in our inner Teacher and reminds us to be as peaceful as possible with those humans whom we have chosen to temporarily reflect that teaching role in our lives.  

At the end of each session we will chant for the happiness of all beings. This directs our energy toward selfless service. Again, we hope to spread the kind of happiness that inspires peace. Yoga requires peace. A yogic kind of peace is all the more probable when we face the truth. The truth is that yoga –especially yoga teaching –can be incredibly fun. The truth is that yoga –especially yoga teaching –can be incredibly scary. But no matter how things go, with real peace in our hearts, our playful and purposeful yoga can be of great service to humanity by filling people’s hearts with happiness. 

Our 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program will meet on the following tentative dates:  

September 15 & 16 9-3pm October 20 & 21 9-3pm November 17 & 18 9-3pm January 19 & 20 9-3pm February 9 & 10 9-3pm March 16 & 17 9-3pm April 20 & 21 9-3pm May 11 & 12 9-3pm  

Students will undertake specialized projects and independent studies guided by Dr. Lemos.  

The cost of 200 hour teacher training is is $2577. If you would like to add on 7 months of unlimited yoga at One it is $3243. The cost of 300 hour teacher training is $3777. If you would like to add on 8 months of unlimited yoga at the studio the cost is $4443.  

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