Yogi's Path @ One Yoga with Justine Lemos, PhD 

Our Yogi's Path/ Self Mastery Program is:  

"teacher training for people who would like to deeply immerse themselves in the teachings of yoga, but don't really want to teach." 

It is an experiential & immersive program designed to bring you deep into the heart of Yoga Practice Philosophy, Ayurveda, Mantra, Meditation & More.  

This program is an opportunity to:  

 ~ take a dive deep into the transformational power of yoga 

~ get secure in your asana practice  

~ use yoga to transform your life and lifestyle  

~ embrace deep, lasting wellness  

~ understand the philosophy behind the practice  

~ tame your mind  

~ work one-on-one with Master Teacher, Dr. Justine Lemos to optimize your practice of yoga  

~ learn meditation  

~ earn CEUs for certified Yoga Teachers  

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