Self Mastery Enrollment

Yogi's Path/ Self Mastery Course 2019/2020 

  with Justine Lemos, PhD, featured expert on GaiaTV at One Yoga  

* all new curriculum for past participants *  

Seven Sundays 9-3pm

September 22; October 20; November 17; January 12; February 9; March 15; April 26  

"I could go to yoga class five or six days a week, and not learn as much as I have going three or four days a week combined with the self mastery class with Dr. Justine. It has really helped my understanding of yoga and ultimately my progress as a yogi." ~ Self Mastery student

Ultimately Yoga is coming home to the Whole of YOU!  

Self Mastery is the cultivation of yoga as an embodied path of integrated consciousness.  

We welcome you into the community of Self Mastery to grow together with the willingness to raise your vibration to be an agent of change in the world.  

Every single person holds the key to unlocking the door to self healing  

Join our self-mastery program to unlock these keys. 

Schedule for Each Session:

Opening Circle  

Yoga Darshana: Philosophy/ Lesson to integrate Key Yogic Wisdom  

Yoga Asana Playshop to Dive Deep into Posture & Alignment  

Lunch (not included)  

Ayurvedic Wisdom to Get into Rhythm with the Seasons  

Healing Light Yoga & Yoga Nidra