Your time is now. 

Manifest Radiance

A Transformational Program with Dr. Justine Lemos (featured expert on Thrive: Self Healing with Ayurveda on Gaia TV) 

Enter the crucible of transformation; A sacred container to transform your life; To go beyond the mundane; To embrace your wildest dreams and aspirations; To live beyond limiting beliefs; To live in the energy of primal Shakti

Transform your relationship to money; To sex and partnership; To your shadows & fears; To consciousness itself

Want to be first in line when we open the temple doors? 

This 3-month elite mentoring program with Dr. Justine Lemos harnesses the ancient techniques of mantra, movement and mudra (sacred seals), sacred geometry and Ayurveda to manifest massive change in abundance, relationship, wellness and authentic living.  

Dive into the deepest parts of yourself and integrate your shadow and your light.  

Join a dedicated sisterhood of women on the pathway to radical actualization.put your text in this area