A self-paced all natural, all Ayurvedic 3 day reboot program guided by Dr. Lemos.

The content is available to you on your own schedule.  

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Here's how it works:


A one on one consult with Dr. Lemos  

Shape your clease program for your particular needs & body. Meet with Justine online or live to set your goals for the cleanse; to dicuss which cleanse pathway will be best for your bio-individulality; to get recommendations for herbs, diet and lifestyle (Value $208)


A four week cleanse 

Move through four modules designed to support you before, during and after your cleanse. Modules are all available online at anytime you want to view them. Each module is easy and short to maximize your time and energy. (Value 308)


Get supported 

Connect with a group of cleansers via a secret facebook group moderated by Dr. Lemos. Get all your questions answered quickly. Also get weekly zoom calls with Dr. Lemos to answer questions and get information to support you throughout your cleanse process. (Value $308)

What does the course include?

Seasonal Cleansing for Vitality 

Understand how and why to cleanse. Know when cleansing is appropriate and how to safely and specifically cleanse the body of excess weight & toxins. Learn amazing simple cleansing recipes and practices.  

Natural Detoxification

Understand and apply the fundamentals of natural cleansing to feel better! Understand why we accumulate toxins and how to change this pattern (it isn't a new diet or fad). Learn to safely and naturally remove toxins to keep the body healthy and in balance.

When the body is in balance we sleep great, have great digestion & elimination & plenty of energy.  

Strengthening Digestion for Wellness 

Often cleansing and weight loss can weaken digestion creating more problems! This program covers how to strengthen digestion for weight loss & optimal cleansing. When digestion is strong our weight is optimized and our skin is glowing.

Justine is an attentive and insightful practitioner. The depth and breadth of her studies of Indian culture- yoga asana, health, esoteric, and practical sources all inform her practice. She has a compassionate manner, and is generous with her time and knowledge. All of these things combine to make Justine an extraordinary resource. I am exceedingly grateful for her help.

Manifest your Most Radiant Self

You've tried fad diets: gluten free, paleo, low-carb, South Beach and nothing has really worked in the long term...  

You feel sluggish, low energy, have a thick white coating on your tongue and just feel BLAH!

Guess what? It is time for a gentle reset. 

This course uses the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to gently cleanse the whole body to set the stage for your ideal weight and optimal health.  

The entire program is infused with Body Positive self love and self-nurturance.  

Ready to feel amazing? 

Course Includes:  

A 30 minute before-cleanse consult with Dr. Justine Lemos (value $208)

A personalized cleanse plan (value $108)

How to listen to the body's intuitive wisdom to shape diet (value $108)

How cravings develop and what they are telling us (value $108)

How to understand ideal weight from an Ayurvedic perspective (value $108)

How stress is a huge factor in weight gain (and what to do about it) (value $108)

Your Investment Just: $297

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