Beginning Yoga Workshop at One Yoga October 19 1-3pm  

with Sheryl Kainoa 

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Have you ever wanted to try yoga but thought it wasn’t for you? Well, yoga is for everyone! We can use chairs, walls, lots of props to make it work for where your body is at now.  

The only requirement is conscious breathing!

I would love to share the amazing benefits that you too can obtain from a yoga practice... better sleep, less anxiety, less stress, more relaxation, less pain, flexibility, strength and mental ease. 

- Sheryl Kainoa -

About Us

Our classes highlight training in the fundamentals of yoga posture, pranayam (breathwork), tantric philosophy and practice and more. Our curriculum is guided by Justine Lemos, PhD. We know that you will delight in your personal transformation when you join our sangha (community). Less anxiety, better sleep, more heart-felt compassionate connection are just a few of the results of a regular practice of yoga. We invite you to our ocean-view studio!  

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Reviews from Our Community 

“At One is an absolutely wonderful studio that truly brings you yoga in its most holistic and raw form. There are classes to suit anyone’s style and needs and Justine, the owner, is so well versed in all things yoga, history and Ayurveda her classes are a true exploration of the deepest corners of your being.”

- S.A. 

“At One Yoga studio is a beacon of light in our community. All the teachers are well-qualified and the classes are a pleasure. The studio’s owner, Justine Lemos, is inspiring in her extraordinary academic educational background and her practical and compassionate attitude to teaching and leadership.  

I’ve been to many yoga studios and this is easily one of the very best.”

- A.S.

“We are so lucky to have this gem here on the coast, filled with love and light - and laughter. Justine is the most legit teacher I have ever been lucky enough to practice with and is also an amazing Ayurvedic healer who has helped me overcome lifelong health challenges."

- S.B.

Sign Up for Our Beginning Yoga Workshop

October 19 1-3pm At One Yoga at the Boatyard Shopping Center 

  All levels, all bodies, all shapes, all sizes are welcome. The only requirement is that you can make it up our stairs into the studio. 

Investment: $20 to enroll

(We have scholarships available for students in need contact